An Islamic Only Marriage Ceremony

An Islamic Only Marriage Ceremony

This means I conduct an Islamic only marriage service which entitles you to an Islamic only marriage contract.  This marriage service is not registered with the Australian government.


Requirements for this service:


1.     Identification

A birth certificate or passport is acceptable.


2.     Two Witnesses
Two ‘Muslim’ ‘males’ ‘over the age of puberty’ must be present to witness the marriage contract.


3.    A Wali

In accordance with the authentic teachings of Islam, it is not permissible for a woman to independently give herself in marriage.  The person who should represent her is her guardian, referred to in Arabic as her wali.   It

is not permissible for a woman to appoint her own wali.  Normally, a woman’s wali is her father.  If for any Islamically acceptable reason, her father is unable to be her wali, then her next closest ‘Muslim’, ‘male’ ‘paternal relative’ according to the following order:

1.     Father

2.     Father’s authorized representative (wakeel)

3.     Paternal grandfather

4.     Her son above the age of puberty (if she a widow or divorcee)

5.     Her brother (Full brother, then half brother, then step

6.     Brother’s son

7.     Paternal Uncle

8.     Paternal Uncle’s son

9.     If none of the above ‘Muslims’ are present (especially in the case of converts to Islam) then the Imam or sheikh.  In these cases it is usually myself.


Please Note:  A female cannot be a wali



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